Death by tuktuk

About almost dying in the tuktuk: Yeah, that sucked. Su, our driver, was struggling to keep his motorbike running. Kept pulling half off the paved road to try and restart it.

It's pouring rain, and muddy as hell where we are, partially on the shoulder. Meg and Eric are facing forward, and I'm facing back, watching other tuktuks and cars fly past. Then I see a bus coming, and the bus isn't veering too far away from us.

Meg and Eric are oblivious, until I say, "This is going to be unpleasant." Eric looks back long enough to see the bus, grimaces and looks forward intently. Meg judges from our expressions not to look back. At the same moment, Su gets our tuktuk kick-started and swings out into the road without looking back. The bus, which is practically upon us, honks and Su swerves back off the road, overcorrects back, and send our carriage teetering back and forth.

The bus, by the way, missed us by about 8 inches.

Like I said, no fun.

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