Africa - August 31, 2012

Toilet Hippo pour la maison. Oh la la.
Uh oh. Brad has come down with a terrible fever. Last night was pretty worrisome, but thanks to three blankets and two boiling hot water bottles,* we made it through. It's rainy, cold, and windy outside, so all sightseeing plans have been thwarted, which is just as well. Brad stayed in bed while Kate and I checked out arts and crafts at the V&A Waterfront for a few hours.** Big score of the day to cheer Brad up: a hippo sculpture made out of aluminum cans so we can have our very own Toilet Hippo at home. He's sassy.

Lovely Kate at Charly's.
Brad's footnotes:
* I'm warm-natured, so this was the first time I needed to use one of these magical devices. Boiling water goes in, and it stayed roasty for, like, six hours.
** I was cranky that they abandoned me for lunch, without money or energy to walk about and find something. But then I remembered I had half of a giant muffin left from Charly's Bakery -- an awesome stop (and another recommendation from Toni at The Backpack) that I'd had enough energy for that morning.

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