Cozumel, Day Four (Aug. 7, 2011)

Woke up to another gorgeous sunrise, then down to the Serenity Deck for a front-row, umbrella-covered seat overlooking the water. It was a blissfully uneventful morning, except for the startling, lone appearance of what I think was a Masked Booby* flying overhead.

The day slipped away before we knew it, and soon we were watching our final sunset over the Gulf.**

We only had one more dinner to endure. Our companions were somewhat subdued, thanks to post-portum hangovers. Mrs. "To'e Up" had to Get Up to presumably Throw Up somewhere between the appetizer and entree, but it didn't ruin my meal. Enjoyed vichyssoise, salmon with grilled tomatoes, and a braised pear.*** It wasn't an ideal situation overall, but I really did like our leisurely, small courses and chatting with hubby over a cup of coffee afterwards. Going to sleep with the curtains open one last time so the last thing I see tonight will be the moon shining over the water.****

Brad's footnotes:
* Damn those masks!
** This WAS the Gulf by now, I believe. We'd watched the lights on the northern tip of the Yucatan disappear the night before. We were confused about why our boat, which had been perfectly civil to us thus far, was taking us away from Mexico. But we realized that the disappearing lights, even viewed through our tear-stained eyes, signaled our exit from the Caribbean.
*** I had the exact same dish. Well, I mean, I had my own. But I ordered the same thing.
**** Tonight's towel was a heart shape. Jenn didn't mention this, presumably because it wasn't an animal, per se. But name me an animal what doesn't have a heart.

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