Peru, Day Three (July 14, 2009)

It was a pretty quiet day because El Profesor had to make phone calls to his contacts down here as well as make arrangements for the rest of the trip. I took advantage of the time to read an article on Pre-Incan archaeology and to study Spanish.

Late in the afternoon, we visited our friend Agosto at Happy Tours. He found us a great rate on plane tickets to the interior; we fly out to Tarapoto in the morning. From there, we drive to Juanjui. We'll plan the rest of the expedition day-by-day, depending on what we find.

Ate a fabulous dinner at Haiti in the heart of Miraflores - fried flounder with tomatoes and white asparagus, drenched in mozzarella cheese. Now I really need to start hiking.

Stay tuned for photos - I'm having trouble uploading them to the laptop, but will hopefully have the issue resolved soon. Hasta pronto!

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