Africa - August 23, 2012

Broke down camp, then loaded up the makoro for another peaceful ride back to the mainland. There were hugs and chest bumps all around as we said goodbye to our polers. We all wish they could come with us -- camp is more fun when they're around.

Embarking on a final ride with our polers.
Another enjoyably bumpy open-air jeep ride back to Maun. Had a quick dip in the pool to remove the first layer of grime, then took the greatest shower of my entire life.*

Bumbled about for a couple of hours, organizing backpacks for the coming days, then over to the camp restaurant for a viewing of footage filmed earlier that day as some of our tourmates (including Kate) flew over the delta in a helicopter. We were served a buffet dinner that included delicious potato skins, goat, maize, butternut squash, and dessert of trifle. After dinner, the hotel employees put on a show wearing traditional tribal clothes and jewelry, but frankly, after the previous night's program around the campfire with our polers, this one seemed touristy and contrived.**

Went to sleep listening to a chorus of frogs, including the one that was hopping about outside our tent. At least I'm telling myself it was a frog.

Brad's footnotes:
* We were all grateful. I mean, to have a good shower, not that Jenn finally showered. OK, I mean both.
** Agreed. They kept trying to force us to jump up and join in the dancing -- even making some of our tour group awkwardly shake rumps and other bits in our faces. I mean, this sort of thing is great for someone like Matilda, the beautiful Aussie dance instructor, who quickly joined in. But for Brad, the introverted writer, not so much with the fancyfeet, OK?

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