It's Brad again. Finished our trek through the Kalahari and arrived at Victoria Falls yesterday. Jenn's been good at keeping up her journal, which I think she hopes to type in today, after she's back from a birding canoe trip on the upper Zambezi River this morning.

I'll let her cover all the wonderful details, but I'll say that the view of the falls is the single most spectacular show of the natural world that I've ever seen. The water falls onto the rocks with such force that the mist is propelled hundreds of meters up, back to the top, coating all viewers with a dewy badge of honor. It's a tough call whether to say the trip highlight has been the falls or the two wonderful days relaxing deep in the Okavango Delta.

I have breathtaking photos and video of the falls, but I figure you folks will want to actually see us in the pictures until we're back home. So, for now, all you get is this one snappy, which shows just a tiny fraction of the falls. (They're at low water right now, believe it or not from this...)


MaggieandBandit said...
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MaggieandBandit said...

Staff caught us writing the first comment...so we had to wait until they left again.

We need to know why Brad didn't go swimming in the falls. Otherwise, we think you all look great!