Hi all. This is Brad, posting under Jenn's account. (Note to international travelers: Disable Google two-step verification before traveling to countries where phone service MAY not be available. I'm locked out of my Gmail and Blogger until I can get a signal. Which has yet to happen.)

All is wonderful. We spent the last two nights in the Okavango Delta and saw many incredible things, sometimes uncomfortably close. (Three elephants at the campsite, I'm talking to you). So far, rhinos, hippos, red litchee, kudu, zebras, herds and herds of elephants, and countless varieties of bok are among the highlights.

After two days in the bush, we're back where the showers are hot -- at least for the night. On to a place called Elephant Springs tomorrow, then Vic Falls the following day.

More later, when Internets don't charge by the minute. I'll try to upload a photo, but if it's too sluggish, I'll give up quickly. Even where food and beer is cheap, I find I'm cheaper.

But we are alive and well. See everyone soon.

This just in: A photo! Yes, we look rough. This is the best I could find that had both us AND elephants in them -- even if it is just elephant bums. (Look to the left of the top of my head. Click for a larger image.) Cheers.


MaggieandBandit said...

Wow! We can't believe you posted elephant butt for us! We would like to go with you on a trip sometime, but the staff won't let us.
Staffer Dad says we'll get stepped on by hippos, but we think we'd have a lot in common with hippos and they wouldn't hurt us.

Hope your travels are safe ones -- send pics and more tales!

Susan and Jeff said...

Please tell me the dogs didn't get to the computer again. ...sorry.

Hope you all are having a great time!